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Temperature measurement

In gas and oil tanks, the temperature must remain constant and therefore must be monitored permanently. Crude oil is transported at 50 °C, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) under pressure (10 bar) at room temperature and liquefied natural gas (LNG) at around -160 °C. In order to be able to monitor the internal tank pressure at these low temperatures, the gas is heated to - 40 °C via evaporation lines to the pressure transmitter.

Process data
Crude oil temperature 50 °C
Liquefied petroleum gas temperature (LPG) 20 °C at 10 bar
Liquefied natural gas temperature (LNG) -161 to -164 °C
Liquefied natural gas temperature (LNG) for pressure measurement -40 °C

Our components for temperature measurement

Maximum safety on water and on land

Our solution for temperature measurement in gas and oil tanks

With RTD temperature probes and thermostats that provide both shipbuilding and Ex approvals, JUMO offers the optimum solution for temperature measurement in gas and oil tanks on ships. Especially with liquefied gas, an increase in temperature can have catastrophic consequences. Evaporation leads to overpressure in the tank and possibly to explosions. Therefore, precise monitoring and control of the vaporization of liquefied natural gas is essential for pressure measurement.

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