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Green hydrogen is an important energy carrier of the future: It serves as storage for large quantities of energy over a long period of time. This allows surpluses from renewable energies to be used in the long term, as well as replacing coal, oil, and natural gas as fuels.

JUMO offers sensor and automation solutions, for example, for electrolysers, fuel cells, storage tanks, and synthesis plants. In this way, we support the production of green hydrogen and its use in the various application areas. This is how we want to further advance the energy transition.

We want to develop solutions for the future together. Meet us at the Hydrogen Online Workshop, the largest digital hydrogen event in the world!

Our solutions for hydrogen applications

Pressure measurement Pressure measurement Fuel cells, storage systems, electrolysers, and synthesis plants
  • Universally applicable for gases and liquids
  • SIL2 und Ex approvals
  • Overload resistant and longterm stable
Temperaturfühler für Wasserstoffanwendungen Temperature measurement Coolant circuit, AirLoop, and H2Loop in fuel cells, safety-related temperature measurement in tank systems
  • Compact and vibration resistant
  • Stainless steel version (1.4305) suitable for water-glycol
  • Mineral-insulated termocouples for high temperatures (e.g. SOFC)
Funktionale Sicherheit von JUMO Pressure and temperature monitoring Safety-related switch-off up to SIL 3
  • SIL and PL certification
  • Optionally in ATEX version
  • Completely certified combination of sensors and safety temperature limiter

JUMO Feuchte- und Temperatur-Messwertgeber für Industrieanwendungen Humidity measurement Anode and cathode circuit of the fuel cell
  • Heated probe to avoid condensation
  • High accuracy, precise, process control
  • Robust metal housing (IP65)
Leitfähigkeitsmessung für Wasserstoffanwendungen Conductivity measurement Ultrapure water supply in the electrolyzer, cooling circuit in the fuel cell and in its test bench
  • Reliable electrodes for high media temperatures with a wide measuring range
  • Transmitter with simple operation, analog output, and relay contact
  • IO-Link or bus-compatible system with data storage and digital sensor management (JUMO digiLine)
Füllstandsmessung für Wasserstoffanwendungen Level measurement Ultrapure water supply in the electrolyzer and cooling circuit of the fuel cell
  • Optional temperature sensor
  • Mountable from outside, G3/4 connection
  • Optionally with Ex approval (Ex i, Ex d)

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Green hydrogen is produced with green electricity from renewable energy sources in electrolysers. The energy is used to split water (H2O) into its components hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2). The hydrogen can then be stored in a variety of ways and used in different applications. You can read more about this on our application page on hydrogen.

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