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More safety during soft soldering

New JUMO Temperature Sensor with Gold-Plated Connection Wires

For most applications that can be found on the market, platinum-chip temperature sensors are used for temperature acquisition. However, only very few producers can perform the technically demanding manufacturing process. JUMO has been manufacturing these very small, yet complex sensors for years under cleanroom conditions and is now offering a new model with gold-plated connection wires.


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The JUMO PCA EG is particularly well-suited for soft soldering as a result of its gold-plated nickel connection wires. At the same time, the device is also suitable for all other common processing methods. The sensor is designed for operating in a temperature range from -70 to +500 °C. Numerous designs such as Pt100, Pt500, or Pt1000 temperature sensors are already available ex stock. Special nominal values can be manufactured upon request.

During manufacturing, the platinum layer of the sensors is applied to a ceramic body and subsequently structured in a photolithographic process. Fine adjustment is carried out in a laser trimming process. A special glass layer is then melted on to protect the sensor against external influences and to provide insulation. The electrical connection is enabled through welded on connection wires. These wires may vary both in length and diameter. An additional glass layer applied to the contact surface fastens the connection wires and acts as a strain relief.

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