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JUMO VIBROtemp - Screw-In RTD Temperature Probe with Plug Connector (902040)


  • For temperatures from -50 to +270 °C (for the short term up to 300 °C)
  • Vibration-resistant construction
  • Different plug connectors; locked against contact
  • Protection type up to IP67 / IP69 according to DIN EN 60529 (IP69K according to DIN 40050)


  • Commercial vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery, engines, compressors, and railway technology


Even under pressure, screw-in RTD temperature probes of the VIBROtemp series enable reliable temperature measurements in commercial vehicles, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, engines, compressors, and in railway technology.
The vibration-resistant construction achieves excellent long-term stability.
Different plug connections are available to suit the specific application area. When plugged in, protection type IP67 / IP69 according to DIN EN 60529 / IP69K according to DIN 40050 is fulfilled.
The protection tube is set down to 4 mm, which enables short response times.
The measuring insert is a Pt100 temperature sensor according to DIN EN 60751, class B in two-wire circuit as standard. Versions with Pt500 or Pt1000 as well as PTC or NTC temperature sensors are also possible.