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Temperature and Humidity Sensor for Industrial Applications (907023)


For measuring relative air humidity and temperature

  • Measurement in the entire range between 0 to 100 % RH
  • Temperature resistant from -70 to +180 °C (depending on the type of probe)
  • Pressure resistant up to 100 bar (depending on the type of probe)
  • Robust metal case, protection type IP 65
  • Outstanding accuracy and stability
  • Graphic trend display and measured value history for the previous year
  • Traceability to NIST
  • Also available with calculation and display of dew point / frost point temperature, absolute humidity, mixing ratio, wet bulb temperature, enthalpy, volume concentration, water saturated vapor pressure, and differential temperature


  • For measurements in complex industrial applications
  • For measurements under rough operating conditions


The first choice for measurements in complex industrial applications.

Six device types are available which allow for a high degree of flexibility.
          Type 907023/331: for wall mounting
          Type 907023/333: with sensor line for general applications up to 120 °C
         Type 907023/334: for process pressures up to 100 bar as well as for vacuum applications
         Type 907023/335: for high process temperatures up to +180 °C
         Type 907023/337: for complex processes in the high-humidity range
         Type 907023/338: for overpressure pipe systems up to 40 bar

Humidity sensors
The device series is based on 30 years of experience in the industrial humidity measurement sector. The capacitive humidity sensor measures precisely and reliably. It is resistant to normal contamination as well as a large number of chemicals.

Graphical trend and sequence display
The measuring probes are also available with a large numerical/graphical display which enables convenient monitoring of the process sequence and backtracking up to one year.
Up to 120 measured values per channel are saved. The data memory can be extended by a data logger module. For menu guidance a selection of nine languages is available.

Data capture and transmission to the PC
The recorded measurement data can be displayed on the available display or transmitted to a PC via the port(s). A Windows® program that is available as an accessory allows the easy-to-use display of the measured values.

Easy to integrate
The measuring probes can be integrated without problems due to the extensive installation accessories as well as the most varied connection possibilities to DC and AC voltage mains.

Various outputs
The device series can be equipped with up to three analog outputs. The analog outputs can be assigned with both measured as well as all calculated measurands. The outputs can also be freely selected and scaled. A galvanic isolation between input supply voltage and analog outputs is also possible. A RS232 or RS485 interface is available for digital communication. The device series can also be equipped with up to two user programmable relay outputs.

The devices of the 907023/33x series are always factory-calibrated on six humidity states. This ensures the high measuring accuracy of these devices. A respective factory certificate specifying the measured values is available upon request.