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JUMO dTRANS O2 01 - transmitter / controller for dissolved oxygen (DO) with separate operating unit (202610)


  • Measurement of dissolved oxygen (DO) in aqueous solutions
  • Safe 1-point calibration
  • 2-wire transmitter (for basic and standard version)
  • Electrical isolation of measurement signal (DO) and output signal (mA)
  • Easy connection to an existing system (e.g PLC)
  • Can be used as stand-alone system in maximum version
  • Compensation of temperature, atmospheric pressure and salinity
  • Further processing of the temperature of the medium is possible (separate Pt 1000
    or 2-wire transmitter)
  • Setup program for comfortable transmitter configuration / documentation
  • Easy, safe service by replacement of modules
  • Background lighting (for maximum version)


  • Communal and industrial waste water treatment plants
  • Drinking water monitoring
  • Protection of water bodies
  • Fish keeping/hatchery plants
  • Technical processing plants


The JUMO dTRANS O2 01 2-wire transmitter serves to measure dissolved oxygen in watery solutions. It provides an electrically isolated output signal 4 ... 20mA according to the oxygen content. The device can be configured via a setup program or an optionally available connection and operating unit. The temperature of themedium to be measured can be detected and further processed (from the standard version also as 2-wire signal 4 ... 20mA) via a Pt 1000 in the 2-wire transmitter.
Measurements are carried out with an electrochemical probe covered by a membrane. The microprocessor circuit installed in the 2-wire transmitter considers the factors: temperature, air pressure and salinity (salt content).
The probe is designed as a module and can be easily maintained and replaced.

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