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JUMO tecLine Ci - Inductive Conductivity and Temperature Sensor for Hygienic Applications (202941)


  • EHEDG-compliant sensor design enhances hygiene safety
  • Materials are FDA/food-use approved
  • Various process connections available
  • A fast-response, internal temperature sensor
  • Constructed without seals (parts coming into contact with the medium to be measured)
  • Can be used with JUMO AQUIS 500 Ci


  • Dairies, breweries, soft drink production/bottling, mineral springs, drinking water
  • Production of liquid foods
  • CIP/SIP systems, other rinsing and cleaning processes
  • Concentration measurement
  • (Adding concentrate) of acids, bases, and cleaning chemicals


The sensor measures the electrolytic conductivity of a process liquid. The sensor uses the inductive principle of measurement. An integrated, fast-response temperature probe (Pt1000) detects the process temperature at the same time. The overall construction of the sensor conforms to EHEDG standards. The joint and gap-free design and the high quality of the finish meet the highest standards for hygienic processes. The body material is made out of PEEK (polyether ether ketone) in a quality that is approved for food use. Some versions can be supplied with an EHEDG certificate. A wide range of process connections are available to ensure flexibility in systems and to provide spare equipment for older devices. The sensor is primarily designed for use in food and beverage installations. If the body material is suitable, however, it can also be used in other industries. Customized variants (OEM versions) are available upon request. The sensor is practically maintenance-free because it measures inductively. Compared with the conductive measuring method; deposits and grease/oil films on the surface of the sensor have virtually no effect on measuring accuracy. The JUMO tecLine Ci sensor is designed for connection to the JUMO AQUIS 500 Ci transmitter according to data sheet 202566.