Повече от сензори + автоматизация

Software and automation solutions

We plan your measurement, control and automation project!

Нашата гама от услуги

  • development of tailor-made solutions
  • customised configuration of the MC devices/modules and installation of the software products
  • individual training of your operating personnel on site
  • hardware and software from one source
  • technical support over the phone without expensive service hotlines

Вашите предимства

  • fair project cost calculation
  • complete solution without depending on third party companies
  • you concentrate on your core competences
  • high availability and optimum efficiency of the MC system
  • fast integration into your production/manufacturing sequence
  • safe commissioning thanks to harmonised components


Marco Ruppert
Телефон: +49 661 6003-630
Факс: +49 661 6003-508
E-Mail: Marco.Ruppert@jumo.net

Thomas Diel
Телефон: +49 661 6003-648
Факс: +49 661 6003-508
E-Mail: Thomas.Diel@jumo.net