Повече от сензори + автоматизация

Service initiative of the ZVEI

Automation is becoming an increasingly important factor in ensuring higher productivity. The continuing development of products, systems and solutions demands expert consulting and services throughout the entire life cycle.

Users of automation solutions are focusing increasingly on their core competencies. Therefore, they expect competent service from suppliers of products, systems and solutions. For example, support is expected right from the design phase, during the entire service life including updating and modernization. To meet these customer demands member companies of the ZVEI are extending their services offering.


To achieve greater transparency member companies of the ZVEI have restructured and redefined their services. They are modular in form so that they can be offered and selected in whatever combination is required.

You can find further information on the basic structure and a description of the classes in the ZVEI brochure.

Download Prospect Services in Automation (PDF file)

As a long-term member of ZVEI, JUMO supports the "Services in Automation" initiative, and has implemented the new structure for service classes.

For additional information, please contact Frank.Blasinger@jumo.net.