Повече от сензори + автоматизация

DKD calibration service – in-house or on site

Precision is of the essence!

Нашата гама от услуги

  • accredited acc. to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025
  • Laboratory code DKD-K09501
  • calibration range: –80 … +1100°C
  • calibration of third party products as a service
  • series calibration of platinum resistance thermometers
  • on-site calibration of measured temperature values by our expert personnel
  • the traceable measuring results are certified in a calibration certificate acc. to EN 10204

Вашите предимства

  • short down-time of your machine
  • on-site installation situations are taken into account
  • the entire measuring equipment is part of the calibration process
  • „as-left“ calibration, i.e. adjustment, repair or replacement of individual components if measuring results of JUMO devices/modules are faulty


Thomas A. Stumpf
Телефон: +49 661 6003-2567
Факс: +49 661 6003-882567
E-Mail: th.stumpf@jumo.net