Повече от сензори + автоматизация


from practice into practical use, at your doorstep!

Нашата гама от услуги

  • Courses providing valuable basic knowledge
  • Courses on JUMO device/module configuration/operation
  • Practice-oriented workshops
  • Training in the company's own training centre
  • Seminars a stone's throw away
  • Courses in your company, individually designed to meet your wishes and requirement

Вашите предимства

  • time-efficient learning
  • Avoidance of start-up errors
  • Machine line reliability through well trained personnel
  • the gained knowledge assists in machine optimisation and process quality augmentation
  • the contents of the seminar can be reconstructed by means of the specific technical seminar documentation


Seminar program


Manfred Schleicher
Телефон: +49 661 6003-396
Факс: +49 661 6003-881396
E-Mail: Manfred.Schleicher@jumo.net

Carmen Zimmer
Organization and Handling
Телефон: +49 661 6003-9245
Факс: +49 661 6003-2097
E-Mail: Carmen.Zimmer@jumo.net

Selina Körber
Organization and Handling
Телефон: +49 661 6003-2109
Факс: +49 661 6003-2097
E-Mail: Selina.Koerber@jumo.net